Performance, Anxiety and Musicians

Music performance or public speaking anxieties!

Exactly the same strategies that work for when we feel bullied by a person also work brilliantly for when we’re anxious about performing!

I have extensive experience of working with musicians – from singers to orchestral players, and from soloists to groups.

If this is something you feel you or your group would benefit from, please use the contact page to make enquiries.

Sessions can be in person or via a Zoom call!


I’ve been terrified all my life of playing in front of people. This course made me realise why and gave me the skills to change it. I’ve just performed as lead violin at a major concert and it was fantastic to end up elated instead of the usual disappointment that I hadn’t done my best because I was nervous.”

I always wondered why people who were less able than me still seemed to get further than me. Now I know that it’s their confidence that makes the difference and I’m determined to work on mine so that I become the performer I want to be.”

“I’ve always felt bullied just by being with other, better players, and what I thought would be very critical audiences. Now I understand we’re all working together to share what’s really important – the music! The course helped me feel calm and much more confident.”